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South Dakota Animals: Pheasant

The ring-necked pheasant is a chicken-like bird with a striking tapered, pointed tail, which may be twenty-one inches long in males. The birds grow to thirty to thirty-six inches long overall. The wings are short and rounded, and the wingspread is about thirty-two inches. Males average nearly three pounds, females about two pounds.

Males are very colorful, with iridescent green-blue or purple heads and necks. Long, iridescent feathers along the sides of the head form a double crest. These "ear feathers" can be raised, giving the appearance of small horns. Bright patches of bare red skin on the cheeks form red wattles below the eyes. A white collar around the neck gives the species its name.

The upper parts of males' bodies are rich bronze and brownish red, with black, brown, and white markings. Tails are brown with black bars.



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