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Health and Safety: Dating Dangers

Dear Young South Dakotan:

It's a sad fact that 3 in 10 teenagers experience physical violence in their dating relationships. Often, jealousy and possessiveness are signs that the person you are dating sees you as a possession instead of a person.

It's imperative to recognize the warning signs of an abusive relationship.

These tips are designed to help young people recognize the warning signs, and to provide victims a place to turn for assistance.

10 Signs Young Women Should Watch For:

Your partner is jealous and possessive toward you.

Your partner tries to control you by being bossy and never considers your opinions.

Your partner scares you, making you afraid of how he will react to things you do or say.

Your partner has a quick temper and history of violence toward others.

Your partner pressures you into doing things you do not want to do, such as having sex or breaking the law.

Your partner abuses illegal drugs and alcohol.

Your partner blames you for his problems, including those brought on upon himself.

Your partner has a history of bad relationships.

Your partner believes that in relationships men should take the lead and women should follow.

Your family and friends have warned you about your partner or told you that they are worried for your safety.



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