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Getting My Drivers License: Safety

  1. Always obey the posted speed limit. Driving at higher rates of speed makes it harder to control your car and gives you less time to react to other cars and road hazards. Make sure you always know what the speed limit is of the road you are driving.
  2. Be especially careful when it is raining, snowing, or when roads are icy. Weather has a major impact on driving conditions and makes roads more dangerous.
  3. Always wear your safety belt!!! This is the most important safety device in your car. Airbags need to be used in conjunction with safety belts in order to give you the most benefit in a crash. The law requires safety belts for anyone under the age of 18. Car seats are required for young children under five years of age.
  4. Never play games with other cars on the road. Playing "chicken" or racing are extremely dangerous.

For more driver's license information, see the Driver's Licensing home page.



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