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Teen Citizens & Consumers: Buying Smart-Electronics

Always shop around. Many electronics dealers will negotiate a price, even if they don't advertise that they "won't be undersold." You have nothing to lose by asking for a better deal.

Learn the language. Salespeople often use technical jargon to describe equipment features. Don't be duped by come-ons about "watts" or "frequency ranges." Know the terms and you'll get what you want without paying for unneeded extras.

Check the warranty. A retailer must show you the manufacturer's warranty. See what's covered and what's not. Extended warranties cost extra and can exclude the parts most likely to break. They're not always a good value.

Know the refund policy. Retailers must post them. If not, consumers have 20 days to get a refund on undamaged items. If a salesperson tells you refunds are available anytime, get it in writing.

Don't take the bait. Some stores use illegal "bait and switch" tactics, luring customers with a low-price (the bait) then convincing them to buy a costly substitute (the switch). Don't be taken.



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