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Health and Safety: Home & Recreational Safety Quiz

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1. What is the minimum SPF sunscreen rating that is effective for preventing skin damage?
2. All walk behind power lawn mowers must have an OPC or Operator Presence Control. This control must stop what part of the mower when released?
3. Which of these is a safe thing to do with medicine you find in the house?
4. Fires are caused by many things. Which type of fire results in more deaths than any other kind?
5. A nice dark tan is healthy and good for your skin.
6. To avoid fires, it is important to use the right wattage bulb in a light fixture. If you do not know the correct wattage what is the maximum size bulb you should use?
7. Bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head and brain injury by:
8. What is the number one weather related cause of death?

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