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"LifeSmarts" is a national consumer jeopardy contest for students.

The "LifeSmarts" program is designed to teach teens about what they need to know to be knowledgeable consumers for today and the future. It is a flexible education tool designed to compliment the curriculum already in place in high schools. Teams of four students (plus one alternative) vie with other high schools statewide for a chance to compete nationally.

"LifeSmarts" participants learn team work, self-confidence, poise and assertiveness, and they gain experience performing before a group. Whether they participate on the city, state, or national level, the teens develop consumer skills that they will always retain.

The Program is sponsored by the National Coalition for Consumer Education (NCEE). In New York State, New York State Consumer Protection Board are the sponsors.

For more on LifeSmarts, see the LifeSmarts website



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