Teen Track

Teen Citizens & Consumers: Speak Up!
A guide to combating intolerance

In Our Homes

Teach our children tolerance for others' cultural, religious and ethnic differences.

Provide opportunities for our children's interaction with diverse groups.

Explain to our children the history of hate symbols and why they are disruptive to the community. For example, the swastika, a symbol which was used by the Nazis during the Holocaust, has become a symbol of hate and anti-Semitism. It also evokes for many survivors and their families painful memories of the horrors that occurred during that tragic period in history.

Document any threatening telephone calls. Discuss with the telephone company tracing your lines or installing caller I.D. to identify your callers, if you are receiving threats.

Keep the handling of threatening correspondence to an absolute minimum. Place envelopes, letters, or packages in clear plastic bags and do not compress the bags.



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