Tax Education

What can the Business Education Program do for you?

  • Offer seminars covering sales, use, and contractors' excise tax
  • Provide updates on new tax legislation
  • Provide speakers for your meetings
  • Provide a custom tax seminar to meet your organization's needs
  • Request a Presentation
  • Request a Licensee Review

Available programs:

06/06/2019YanktonBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
06/06/2019YanktonAn Exercise in BookkeepingSales Tax
06/06/2019FargoND/SD Border Tax SeminarSales Tax
06/06/2019FargoND/SD Border Tax SeminarConstruction Contractors
06/11/2019MitchellBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
06/11/2019MitchellBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
06/11/2019Sioux FallsBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
06/11/2019Sioux FallsAn Exercise in BookkeepingSales Tax
06/11/2019WatertownBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
06/11/2019WatertownBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
06/12/2019 Auto Dealers WorkshopDealer Convention
06/12/2019Rapid CityAuto Dealers WorkshopDealer Convention
06/13/2019Rapid CityAuto Dealers WorkshopDealer Convention
06/13/2019 Auto Dealers WorkshopDealer Convention
06/14/2019YanktonBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
09/17/2019AberdeenBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
09/17/2019AberdeenBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
10/08/2019WatertownBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
10/08/2019WatertownBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
10/24/2019Rapid CityBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax
10/24/2019Rapid CityBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
10/29/2019Sioux FallsBasic Tax SeminarsSales Tax
10/29/2019Sioux FallsBasic Tax SeminarsContractors Excise Tax

Have questions?

Contact the Business Education Coordinator at 605-773-3311, or email at
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