Fish Stock Application

Application to Stock a South Dakota Public Water Body

State Statute: 41-13-3. It is a Class 2 misdemeanor for any person to transplant or introduce any fish or fish eggs into any of the public waters of this state without express authority of the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

NOTE: This application does not replace the SOUTH DAKOTA PRIVATE FISH HATCHERY LICENSE APPLICATION which addresses fee fishing, and the selling, possession, transportation, propagation, rearing, or production of live fish or any fish reproductive product for commercial purposes. Questions concerning the proper application can be directed to the Game, Fish and Parks Regional Offices or the Fisheries Program Administrator at (605) 773-4501.

Submission: Application should be submitted to: Fisheries Program Administrator, Game Fish and Parks, 523 East Capitol Ave, Pierre, SD 57501

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Please attach an aerial photo or copy of plat book with pond location as well as access route indicated on map. Unless applicant is sole owner of land surrounding the water, attach written permission of all individuals in control of access to the requested waters.

Species of Fish:Size of Fish:Number Stocked:Source of Fish:Stocking Date:

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