Shoreline Alteration

South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks

Application to Alter Lakeshore or Bottom Lands

1. Applicant Information
   Last Name   First Name   MI      
Mailing Address:     
  Street, Box Number, Rural Route   City   State   Zip + 4  
Phone #:  
  (###) ###-####  

2. Waterbody Information
Water Body Details:  
  Name / Description  

3. Project Location
Loc of water body:      
  Township   Range   Section #   ΒΌ Section   County  
  Lot #   Block   Subdivision  

4. How to get to the site

Attach a simple site locator map. If needed, include the map written directions to the site from a known location or landmark. Include highway and street names and numbers.
Attach Location  

5. Purpose of project

What do you propose to do and why is it needed?

6. Proposed Timeline
Approx. Start Date:    Projected End Date:   

7. Project Description

Describe in detail what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. This is the most important part of your application. If applying by letter and you need additional space, attach separate sheet. Enclose project plans and/or diagrams.

Attach Description  

8. Footprint of Impact

Indicate total amount (in acres or square feet) of wetlands or water body area(s) to be filled, drained, inundated or excavated; and/or indicate length of stream or river affected (in linear feet).
 acres, or  square feet, and/or  linear feet. 

9. Type and Estimated Amount of Materials to Be Placed Into or Excavated From the Wetland or Water Body

List each type of material (rock, sand, clay, concrete, etc.) to be filled or excavated, and estimate amount in cubic yards.
Type of materialEst. Amount in Cubic YardsType of materialEst. Amount in Cubic Yards

10. Portion of work already completed
Is any portion of the work already completed? If yes, describe the completed work.

11. Adjoining property owners
List below complete names, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of adjacent property owners whose property also adjoins the wetland or water body where the work is being proposed.

12. Status of other approvals
List below any other permits, reviews or approvals related to this proposed project.
AgencyType of ApprovalID NumberDate Applied ForDate ApprovedDate Denied

13. Signature of applicant
I am applying for state authorization to conduct the work described in this application. I am familiar with the information contained in this application. To the best of my knowledge and belief, all information is true, complete, and accurate.

NOTE: If you are submitting this online, you may electronically sign the form by typing the name of the applicant in the signature box below.
Signature of Applicant:    Date:   


Completed application forms may be sent to:
South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks
Attn: Rhet Russell
400 West Kemp
Watertown, SD 57201

Additional Application Help
Applicants please note that a permit for lakeshore alteration issued through the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks does not eliminate the requirement that you obtain any other applicable Federal, state, tribal or local permits for your project.

Section 5: Purpose of Project: Indicate briefly what you propose to do and why it is needed. Include, if appropriate, a brief description of any related activities or benefits occurring as a result of the proposed project.

Section 7: Describe in Detail what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Include in your written description any of the following elements that apply to your project.

  • Whether your project will include such activities as construction, filling, draining, dewatering, removing, excavating or repair.
  • Whether you will be constructing something, such as an access path, bridge, culvert, dam, ditch, seawall, dock, riprap or road.
  • The proposed dimensions of any structures, such as wingwalls or dikes, as well as what the structures would be made of and what method(s) would be used to do the work.
  • Whether you will be dredging or discharging (placing fill material) into a wetland or other water body (including the temporary placement of material). If so, explain the specific purpose of the placement of the material (such as erosion control) and indicate how it will be done. If dredged material is to be discharged on an upland site, identify the site, and indicate the steps that will be taken to prevent runoff from the dredged material back into the water body.
  • Your desription must also include a detailed overhead view that clearly depicts the work to be undertaken. This should include property boundaries and/or lot dimensions; location and extent of shoreline, wetlands and water; location and dimensions of proposed project, structure or activity- include length, width, elevation and other measurements as appropriate; points of reference,; locations of inlet or outlet structures; indication of north; and location of spoil and disposal sites (if applicable).