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Projects Available for Bidding
Item #Contract InformationPlans
8127P 000S(00)326 - Proposal to Purchase State RR Lines - PCN - 07K2

7 - addendums for this contract
47 - questions for this contract
Plan Holder List
Project Q&A
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Bidding Administrator Authorization Form for Rail Proposers
SDEBS User Manual for Rail Proposers
Attachment A – MRC
Attachment B- Britton
Attachment C - Napa
Attachment D – Sioux Valley
Attachment E - Yale
Attachment F - Wolsey
Attachment G – Maps and Track Charts
Attachment H – BNSF Settlement
Attachment I – Grant Agreements
Attachment J – Loan Agreements
Attachment K – Other Financial Commitments
Attachment L – Leases and Subleases
* Indicates Combo Bids