Commonly Asked Questions:

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Why is the site asking for my location information? The site is attempting to pull your location and display that on the map.
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What do the icons on the map mean / do?

Zooms the map to the default extent.
Zooms out on the map.
Zooms in on the map.
Search for location, place, or address( for example: Mount Rushmore). A search places point on the map that can be removed using the refresh icon or clicking the X in the search panel.
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What is "Change Basemap"?

A basemap is the background map that provides reference information for the other layers. It allows you to easily identify where points are located. You may want to change the basemap. For example, you may prefer to use a street map vs. a topographic map so you can easily find your house.

To select a different basemap click the "Change Basemap" tab in the right panel. Then select your preferred basemap. You may change the basemap at any time.
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How do I zoom into or out of the map?

There are several ways to zoom in and out of the map.
  1. Hover your mouse over the map and scroll the wheel forward to zoom in and back to zoom out.
  2. Use the(zoom in), (zoom out), and the (zoom to original extent) icons in the upper left hand corner of the map.
  3. Key commands: Hover your mouse over the map and press the following key combinations.
    1. Windows:
      1. Zoom in: "Control" and "+" buttons
      2. Zoom out: "Control"and "-"buttons
      3. Zoom to original extent: "Control" and "0" (zero)
    2. Mac:
      1. Zoom in: "Command" and "+" buttons
      2. Zoom out: "Command" and "-" buttons
      3. Zoom to original extent: "Command" and "0" (zero)
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What does the "Layer List" do?

The "Layer List" allows you to turn layers on and off in the map. Each layer has a check box next to the layer title. If the box is checked, it is on.
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What is a map "layer"?

A map "layer" is a layer of information on the map. For example, when you use a street map it has several layers such as city boundaries, streets, highways, and interstates. Each layer contains either shapes or points that are connected to information specific for that location.
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Why can I not see the "name of layer" layer on the map or legend?

There are three reasons why a layer does not show up on the map.
  1. The layer may be scale sensitive. For these layers to be visible you will need to zoom into the map.
  2. The layer may be turned off in the layer list.
  3. If you are still unable to see the layers the service may be temporarily down. Please try again at a later time. You may contact us by going to the "Report Issue" tab on the left hand side of the site.
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