Welcome to the South Dakota Controlled Substance Online Registration website

For renewals, locum tenens, new applications, K-9 trainers, researchers, educational institutions, please make sure you have all supporting documentation before starting the process. If you answer "yes" to the liability questions, please provide the required information via the upload process.

If you are moving your DEA number to South Dakota you must scan a copy of the registration you are moving to South Dakota.

South Dakota no longer uses the DEA number as it's own number. The DEA requires you to obtain a state registration prior to applying for federal DEA Registration.

The DEA requires you to renew or update your state registration prior to renewing or updating the federal DEA registration. You may also make changes to your registration here when renewing.

• View Application/Print certificate
• Make Registration Changes (Address, Drug Code, Name, Schedule)
• Not for use for renewing your registration
Please update your state registration first as the DEA will check to ensure you state registration has been changed.

Validate your registration with your South Dakota Controlled Substance Registration Number. If you do not know your number, you may search by name to find your number, or call your provider for their South Dakota specific registration number. Must have the South Dakota registration number in order to perform a validation.