Welcome to the South Dakota Controlled Substance Online Registration website.

For renewals, locum tenens, or new applications where by the DEA is being moved to SD, for K-9 trainers, for researchers, for educational institutions, please make sure you have all supporting documentation before starting process.
If you are a practitioner, and do not have a federal DEA certificate and are applying for a new DEA number at a South Dakota location, you must write pending where it asks for the DEA registration and also apply to the DEA. There will be two applications required for a new DEA number originating in SD, one for The State of South Dakota and one for the federal DEA.

If you are moving your DEA number to South Dakota you must scan a copy of the registration you are moving to South Dakota.
You may also make changes to your registration here when renewing.
Registrants must scan a copy of their updated DEA registration or copy of confirmation from the DEA that you have applied to renew.

• Not for use for renewing your registration
• Registration Changes (Address, Drug Code, Name, Schedule)
• View/Print certificate
Practitioners who have changed their name should scan a copy of their updated DEA certificate due to possible change in the expiration date.
Must have South Dakota registration number in order to perform a validation.