Username: Enter the name you will use to log into this account. It does not have to be the name of the business.
Username must be minimum of 8 characters and cannot contain any special characters (<, >, (, ), [, ], ", ', ;, :, |, /, %, &).
The Username entered to create a new account is the "Administrator" of the account and will be able to change items such as adding other licenses for this owner or allowing other Users access to all or some of the license information.

License Number: Enter your license # as it appears on your license card, tax return, or statement of account notice. The license number is 8 digits followed by the type of license (E9, PP, SU, IX, ST, MT, WT, UT, ET). It may be entered with or without dashes. Example: 9999-9999-E9 or 99999999SU

Owner or DBA Name: Enter the owner or business name (DBA) exactly as it appears on your license card, tax return, or statement of account notice.

Tax Due on last non-zero Return: Enter the whole dollar amount of the tax due (excluding any interest or penalty) from your last non-zero return filed with the South Dakota Department of Revenue.

Motor Fuel Supplier licenses this is line 20, Importer licenses this is line 19, on your South Dakota tax return. If you have only filed returns indicating no tax due, you will need to call the Department of Revenue at one of the following numbers in order to setup an account:

(605) 773-4109
(605) 394-3397
(605) 367-5259

911 Emergency Surcharge licenses: Enter "0" for Tax Due on Last non-zero Return. For help please call the Department at 1-800-829-9188.

Sales, Use, and Contractorsí Excise Tax licenses: Enter the tax due (line 23) from your last non-zero return. Please call the Department at 1-800-829-9188 if you have not reported tax due.

Bank Franchise licenses: Enter the Total Tax, this is line 2 on your last non-zero South Dakota Tax Return. For help please call the Special Taxes Division at 605-773-5911.