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Licensee Review

What is a Licensee Review?
First and foremost, a review is an educational meeting between a Revenue Agent and a taxpayer. The purpose of the meeting is to provide education on South Dakota tax laws.

What happens during a Licensee Review?
Typically, the Revenue Agent will schedule the review at the taxpayer's place of business. The agent will discuss tax issues with the taxpayer and review a limited number of records to determine if there are any problem areas. If problems are discovered, the taxpayer may be asked to complete self-audit worksheets to correct the problems.

What are the benefits of a Licensee Review?
Taxpayers benefit from the review program for the following reasons:

  1. Less time-consuming - a limited amount of time is spent analyzing records.
  2. One-on-one education at the taxpayer's place of business.
  3. Opportunity to correct problems without having to go through the audit process.

How can I schedule a Licensee Review?
Contact your local Revenue office and ask to speak with the Revenue Agent responsible for your area. Field offices are located in Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Watertown, and Yankton. If you are unsure which office to contact, call us at 1-800-829-9188 or email and we will direct you to the nearest field office.

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