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Name (*) Report Type (*) Report Location (*)5 Report Date 
Amdahl, Tim  Post Primary     
Abbott, Jim  Amendment     
Sebert, Lou  Termination    5/3/2006 
Soren, Jason  Financial Interest Statement     
Wood, Ruth  Financial Interest Statement    11/29/2006 
Collier, Caitlin  Statement of Organization    3/31/2008 
Nelsen, Jeff  Financial Interest Statement    4/2/2008 
Swanhorst, Robert  Statement of Organization    4/10/2008 
Jensen, Phil  Statement of Organization    9/22/2008 
Tigert, Roger  Statement of Organization    9/15/2008 
Hansen, Tom  Financial Interest Statement    1/14/2009 
Sly, Jacqueline  Financial Interest Statement    1/20/2009 
Pulvermacher, Carl  Termination    1/22/2009 
Gilkerson, James  Termination    1/28/2009 
Lentz, Jaunita  Termination     
Lentz, Jaunita  Termination    1/3/2012 
Moser, Nick  Financial Interest Statement  Click here to view image   1/21/2011 
Gray, Bob  Year End  Click here to view image   2/1/2011 
Garreau, Julie  Year End  Click here to view image   2/20/2011 
Adelstein, Stanford  Financial Interest Statement  Click here to view image   1/20/2011 
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