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Lobbyist Name (*) Department Name (*) Year 5
Bloomberg, Jeff  Corrections, Dept of  2000 
Nelson, Cory  Corrections, Dept of  2000 
Feiler, Laurie  Corrections, Dept of  2000 
Bollinger, Scott  Corrections, Dept of  2000 
Ellenbecker, James  Social Services, Dept of  2000 
Wellhouse, Jill  Social Services, Dept of  2000 
Jones, John  Human Services, Dept of  2000 
Oldenkamp, Betty  Human Services, Dept of  2000 
Abernathy, Hoby  Human Services, Dept of  2000 
Malsam-Rysdon, Kim  Human Services, Dept of  2000 
Johnson, Craig  Labor, Dept of  2000 
Flemmer, Dick  Labor, Dept of  2000 
Schipper, Lloyd  Labor, Dept of  2000 
Kloeppner, Wendy  Commerce & Regulation, Dept of  2000 
Valenti, Lynne  Human Services, Dept of  2000 
Dickerson, Sherry  State Treasurer, Office of the  2000 
Cline, Dr. Tom  Animal Industry Board  2000 
Marsh, James  Labor, Dept of  2000 
Hultman, Marcia  Labor, Dept of  2000 
Kattke, Don  Labor, Dept of  2000 
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