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South Dakota Confidential Disease Report
South Dakota Department of Health
Office of Disease Prevention
SDCL 34-22-12 and ARSD 44:20     Reportable Disease List
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  • Other disease reporting options:
    1-800-592-1804 confidential answering-recording device
    1-800-592-1861 or 605-773-3737 for a disease surveillance person during normal business hours
    605-280-4810 after hours to report Category I diseases
    Fax: 605-773-5509
    Outbreak Report           Weekly Influenza Report
    Patient Information Report Type: New  Update Report Date: 4/19/2014
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    Disease Information
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    Specimen Source: Date Collected: (mm/dd/yyyy)
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    Facility Ordering Test:
    Was Patient Hospitalized? Yes  No Date Admitted: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Name of Hospital: Date Discharged: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Hospital Address: Outcome:  Survived  Expired
    Hospital Phone: Date of Death: (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Treatment Information
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    Attending Health Care Provider
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    Person Reporting
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