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The South Dakota Division of Child Support allows child support payments to be made electronically. Child support payments can be processed on-line which eliminates the need for the manual processing of payments as well as time involved sending a payment through the mail. Your PASSWORD is initially set to be the last 4 digits of your SSN. You will be prompted to change your password to whatever you would like once the initial login process has been completed.

E-check payments may take up to 4 business days to be credited to your case(s). Credit/debit cards take 2 business days to be posted to your case if made by the daily cutoff time of 8 PM Central time. If you want your credit card/e-check payment credited for the current month, it must be made by the 24th of each month.

Enter your SSN and PIN:


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 PIN :

  (Same as Voice Response PIN)


If you have changed your password and have forgotten it, please contact the
Child Support Accounting Unit at 605-773-3641.
Please try your default password first.