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Department of Game, Fish, and Parks
Online License Application System

If you are a US or Canadian citizen, you can purchase any over-the-counter license online. You must be over 16 with a valid Social Security Number ( not required of Canadian citizens)
, a credit card and a printer. Parents may purchase youth permits for their children, but they must provide their own ID information in addition to that of their child. See Our Privacy Policy  

Those who need to present some other form of physical documentation (e.g. a Residency Declaration for Student and Military Personnel - if you are a non-resident student attending school in South Dakota or a non-resident serving in the military stationed in South Dakota - or alternate ID for Non-US or Non-Canadian citizens) must purchase their license from a storefront agent. Non-US/Non-Canadian Citizens who need to purchase their hunting license in advance of entering the US should contact us at 605-773-3485 for special arrangements.

You must use a Drivers License or State-issued ID card as your ID, except in the case of youth hunters (under age 16) who must use their Hunter Safety Certificate as an ID. Non-resident youth who will only be purchasing a fishing license, and who do not have a Hunter Safety Certificate, should enter their birth date (mmddyy) followed by their initials in the Hunter Safety Certificate ID, (e.g. 011290DGJ).

Throughout your online transaction, sensitive data transmissions between your browser and our server are secure. The site is certified by Entrust. SSL
When you purchase licenses online, an agent fee is charged in addition to the license fee to help offset the costs of this automated licensing system . We accept Visa and Mastercard for payment of license and agent fees.
Visa Master Card
You will need a printer Printer to print the license receipt. This will print all of your current hunting and fishing privileges on a single form. You must carry a signed copy of the receipt whenever you go fishing/hunting. You must also carry the ID that you use when purchasing this license (Driver's License, State ID card, or for youth - Hunter Safety Certificate).

For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, read the FAQ page.  If you have difficulties using this site, contact us by e-mail at or call 605-773-3485.  Remember, you can also buy licenses from storefront agents


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