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Commercial Pesticide Applicator and Dealer Registration Page
(To register and pay for re-certification classes and/or to apply and pay for licenses.)


2018 Class List (2019 Class List coming in November)

2019 Registration opens December 1, 2018. However, applicators can currently register and pay for the early Category 9 re-certification class that is an option if attending the Mosquito Control and West Nile Conference in Aberdeen on October 10, 2018.
Register and pay for this class by logging in through either the Individual Registration or the Company Registration links below.

Click on "Individual Registration" to register one person for recertification class(s) and/or to purchase/renew their license.
(SDSU Employees: Use the “Individual Registration” link and select "Pay by Mail" when registering for class.)

Individual Registration


Click on "Company Registration" to register one or more people (listed under one company) for recertification class(s) and/or to purchase/renew license(s).

Company Registration


Security measures require a login to access your record.
Individual Barcode ID’s are a 7-digit number / Company ID’s are a 4 (or less) digit number
Passwords are initially set to the ‘default’ until changed by the applicator or company.
The default password for “Individual Applicator Registration” is LAST NAME + 5-digit ZIP CODE (ex. Smith57000).
The default password for “Company Registration” is the company’s CITY + 5-digit ZIP CODE (ex. Pierre57501).

If someone cannot register for a class or renew a license via the internet they may write the date(s) and location(s), of the class(s) they want to register for, on the reminder postcard they receive in the mail in December.
They will need to mail back the postcard to the return address (also listed above) and include a check (payable to the SD Dept. of Ag) for the TOTAL amount of fees due: $60 for EACH class they are registering for plus $25 for EACH Applicator License they are renewing plus $50 for EACH Dealer License they are renewing.

(NOTE: When a class is paid on-line, with a credit card, the fee is reduced to $50 per class.)