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DOT 295
Rev 10/09



I, the undersigned, request permission to occupy public right-of-way at the above location and as shown on the attached layout sheet. In consideration for this permission, I agree to abide by all conditions as herein stated.
  1. To furnish all materials, labor, incidentals and pay all costs involved with this occupancy including restoration of any damage to the roadway and right-of-way to equal or better conditions than existed prior to the occupancy covered by this permit.
  2. To provide protection to highway traffic during occupancy by the use of proper signs, barricades, flagpersons and lights as prescribed in the "Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices."
  3. To indemnify and hold the State of South Dakota, its Department of Transportation, its officers, agents and employees, harmless from and against any and all actions, suits, damages, liability or other proceedings of any kind or nature brought because of any injuries or damage received or sustained by any person or property on account of the use or occupancy of right-of-way designated in this application.
APPLICANT NAME (please print)____________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________ DATE_______________________


(Name of Individual, Company, Organization, etc.)
***To be completed by Department of Transportation***

Project (Const.) ________________________ Station/Milepost _________________________ Maintenance Unit _____________________________

Project (Maint.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Prior to commencing occupancy and at completion of occupancy the applicant shall notify ______________________

    at _____________________________________________ Telephone ___________________________________

  2. Special Conditions _______________________________________________________________________________________________



  3. Failure to accomplish the occupancy in accordance with the provisions of this permit will automatically render this permit null and void and where applicable, constitute grounds for its removal and/or full restoration of the occupancy site all at the applicant’s expense.
This permit to occupy the right-of-way is granted to all conditions as herein stated on this ____ day of ____________, 20____ .

________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Area Engineer Chief Bridge Engineer (Bridge Installations only)

  1. Complete all items at the top of the form.
  2. If the occupancy involves work within the right-of-way, prepare a separate sheet showing the work to be accomplished. The drawing should include:
    • Width of the highway from shoulder to shoulder
    • Width of the right-of-way
    • Details of the work to be performed by the occupancy
    • A North arrow
    • Installations on bridges must include details of the method(s) of attachment.
    • Any other pertinent information
  3. Sign the form and submit it and any attachments to the Region Office for processing.

  1. Complete the bottom portion of the form.
  2. Installations involving bridges require review/approval of the Chief Bridge Engineer. If review by the Office of Bridge Design is necessary, allow two weeks for review.
  3. If the request is denied, return the request to the applicant and state the reason for denial.
  4. If the request is granted, make and send copies of the permit and attachments to:
    • Applicant
    • Area Engineer
    • Maintenance Supervisor
    • Chief Bridge Engineer (if applicable)
  5. File the original copy in the Region Office.

NOTE: After Region Engineer (and Chief Bridge Engineer if necessary) approval, requests on Interstate Highways are to be forwarded to the Office of Right-of-Way to obtain the concurrence of the FHWA. Data will be returned to the Region Office for distribution.