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Airport/Heliport License Application

South Dakota Department of Transportation
Office of Aeronautics
Questions? Call (605) 773-3574

Mail signed form to:
S.D. Dept. of Transportation
Office of Air, Rail & Transit-Aeronautics
700 E. Broadway Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

hereby applies for an operating license for the

Airport/Heliport, as required by South Dakota Codified Law

50-5-1. This license is for operating the airport/heliport as: (pick one)


Has FAA 7480 been filed?

Has approval been received from: (check all that apply)

I hereby request South Dakota Aeronautics Commission representatives to inspect the
above-named airport/heliport and issue an operating license authorizing the

to operate the Airport/Heliport
in the state of South Dakota.

Submitted on



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