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Municipal Wayfinding Sign Program Application

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Applicant Instructions for DOT-296
1. Complete all items at the top of the form.

2. Attach the following information:

  • Statements of the types of destinations and/or points of interest qualifying for guide signs
  • List(s) of the eligibility criteria for the destinations and points of interest on guide signs
  • Sign designs that comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and are used consistently in the wayfinding region

Checklists 3 and 4 below are provided to help municipalities determine if a wayfinding program would work for them. A legal agreement between the parties will follow if this application is approved.

3. Make sure any wayfinding program can comply with the following restrictions:

DOT-296 (10/2011)
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4. Make sure the municipality agrees to and understands the following:

5. Sign the form and submit it, and the attachments, to your Region Traffic Engineer for processing. Determine the appropriate DOT Region by looking at the Region map at Then contact the Region Traffic Engineer at one of the following phone numbers:
  • Aberdeen Region Office, (605) 626-2244
  • Mitchell Region Office, (605) 995-8129
  • Pierre Region Office, (605) 773-3464
  • Rapid City Region Office, (605) 394-2244.

DOT-296 (10/2011)
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