Welcome to the South Dakota National Guard tuition assistance application page.
This online application process allows you to apply for South Dakota tuition assistance. Eligibility requirements to receive tuition assistance are listed below in South Dakota Codified Law, Chapter 33-6-7.
SDCL CHAPTER 33-6-7. Eligibility requirements for tuition privilege. To be eligible for fifty percent of in-state resident tuition without cost or reimbursement, a national guard member shall:
(1) Be a member of the South Dakota Army National Guard Unit or Air National Guard Unit throughout each semester or vocational program for which the member applies for benefits;
(2) Have satisfactorily completed required initial basic training;
(3) Have satisfactorily performed duty upon return from basic training, including a minimum ninety percent attendance on scheduled drill dates and at annual training with the member's parent unit;
(4) Maintain satisfactory academic progress; and
(5) Provide proper notice to the institution at the time of registration for the term in which the benefits are sought.
Source: SL 1975, ch 147, § 3; SL 1981, ch 253; SL 1985, ch 269, § 2; SL 2004, ch 222, § 1.