Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health
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Tobacco Prevention
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Find Your Power Poster - Brother (Native American)   (print preview)TCP001
Tocacco Free Building cling (blue text) 5 x 4  (print preview)TCP003
Find Your Power Poster - Daughter (Native American)  (print preview)TCP008
Patient Chart Stickers (Orange) (max=50)  (print preview)TCP009
Quitline Brochure  (print preview)TCP010
QuitLine (business card) (max=200)  (print preview)TCP011
Quitline Mouse pads (Temporarily Out of Stock)TCP013
Smoke Free Building Cling 5 x 4 (blue text)  (print preview)TCP014
Toxic Trivia Poster  (print preview)TCP016
Smoke-Free Building Window Cling (Blue Text) 4 x 3 (max=50)  (print preview)TCP018
Find Your Power Poster - Son (Native American)  (print preview)TCP019
Spit Tobacco Brochure  (print preview)TCP020
You are the power quitline referral cards  (print preview)TCP021
Orange Rethink It target 11 x 17 poster  (print preview)TCP024
Tobacco-Free Building Cling (Blue Text) 4 x 3 (max=50)  (print preview)TCP025
Find Your Power Poster - Family (Native American)  (print preview)TCP026
We Can Stop This Poster (max=50)  (print preview)TCP029
Who's Got the Power - American Indian Youth Poster (max=50)  (print preview)TCP030
You Can Quit Smoking Tearsheet - for Pregnant Women (25 sheets per pad)  (print preview)TCP032
You Can Quit Spit Tobacco Tearsheet (25 sheets per pad)  (print preview)TCP033
The Dangers of Smoking Before & After Childbirth  (print preview)TCP034
Secondhand Smoke - I will keep you safe... poster  (print preview)TCP035
Secondhand Smoke - I will keep you safe... poster (Native American)  (print preview)TCP036
Tobacco Use Infographic (print preview)(Temporarily Out of Stock)TCP041
Pink Rethink It target 11 x 17 poster  (print preview)TCP042
Red Rethink It target 11 x 17 poster  (print preview)TCP043
Tobacco Rethink It 24 x 18 poster  (print preview)TCP044
Smoke Free Home Door Hanger - Quitline  (print preview)TCP045
Smoke Free Home Door Hanger - Find Your Power  (print preview)TCP046
This Building is Tobacco Free Window Cling (5.5 x 4) (No Smoking or Vaping) (print preview)TCP056
Tobacco Free Vehicle Sticker  TCP057
Multi Unit Housing Smoke Free Apartment Managers Guide  (print preview)TCP058
QuitLine Poster- Health Benefits (8.5x11) TCP062
QuitLine Poster- Finacial Benefits (8.5x11) TCP063
QuitLine Poster- Ready to Quit? (8.5x11) TCP064
Thirdhand Smoke Brochure  TCP065
QuitLine Poster- Health Benefits 11x15 (11x15) TCP067
QuitLine Poster- Financial Benefits 11x15 (11x15) TCP068
QuitLine Poster- Ready to Quit? 11x15 (11x15) TCP069
QuitLine Kickstart Kit Palm Card  (print preview)TCP072
Oral Cancer Self-Exam Brochure  (print preview)TCP073
Tobacco & Vape Free Vehicle Sticker  (print preview)TCP075
QuitLine Postpartum Program Palm Card  (print preview)TCP076
Vape Flyer: Big Stick  (print preview)TCP077
Vape Flyer: Pound This Into Your Head  (print preview)TCP078
Vape Flyer: Ape in Sheep's Clothing  (print preview)TCP079
Vape Flyer: Ape in Vape  (print preview)TCP080
Vape Flyer: Ape Brain Damage  (print preview)TCP081
Vape Flyer: Brain Shrink  (print preview)TCP082
Vape Flyer: Lose the Monkey  (print preview)TCP083
Vape Poster (11x17): Ape in Sheep's Clothing  (print preview)TCP084
Vape Poster (11x17): Pound This Into Your Head  (print preview)TCP085
Vape Poster (11x17): Ape in Vape  (print preview)TCP086
Vape Poster (11x17): Lose the Monkey  (print preview)TCP087
Vape Poster (17x22): Yum Dumb  (print preview)TCP088
Vape Poster (17x22): Ape in Vape  (print preview)TCP089
Vape Poster (17x22): Pound This Into Your Head  (print preview)TCP090
Vape Poster (17x22): Ape in Sheep's Clothing  (print preview)TCP091
Vape Rack Card: 8 Reasons  (print preview)TCP092
Vape Rack Card: Pound This Into Your Head  (print preview)TCP093
Vape Rack Card: Vape is an Ape in Sheep's Clothing  (print preview)TCP094
Vape Rack Card: Yum Dumb  (print preview)TCP095
Kickstart Business Card  (print preview)TCP096
South Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey Summary (Summary of 2013 South Dakota YRBS including trend data from 2005.) (print preview)YRB001