Guidelines for completing the Travel Voucher Form

Helpful Hints: To move around in the voucher, either use your tab button or click on the box you want to enter information into. You will not be able to preview the voucher until all required data has been entered.
  1. State Employee:  If you are not a state employee click on the button in front of Non-State Employee.
  2. Name:  Your first and last name.
  3. Employee Number:  6 digit Employee ID number or Social Security Number if you are not a state employee.
  4. Advance / Expense:  If this is an Advance request click on the button under the word Advance, if not just proceed on.
  5. License Plate No. :  Leave license plate area blank, it will be filled in automatically later on in the form.
  6. Home Station:  Enter the name of the town where you work out of.
  7. Date:   Enter the date of your trip in the format of 'mm/dd/yyyy' - OR - Click in the box or on the calendar icon to bring up a calendar and click on the day of your trip. Use the arrows at the top of the calendar to navigate to a different month if needed.
  8. Set Trip Options:  Click on this button to complete trip options. Choose in-state or out-of-state trip; indicate if you flew or drove a state car or private car. If you drove a private car enter the license plate number. Reminder: A high mileage request is required when there is a state car available at your home station, or in the cities of Pierre, Aberdeen, Watertown, Rapid City, Soux Falls, and Brookings.
  9. Description of Travel:  In the FROM box enter the name of the town you are leaving from. In the TO box list the name of every town visited with your final destination point. For example - if you had a trip that went from Pierre to Wall to New Underwood and then finally to Rapid City - in the From box you would enter 'Pierre' and then in the TO box you would enter 'Wall, New Underwood, Rapid City'.
  10. Misc:  This is a description of your Miscellaneous Expenses like taxi fares, work related phone calls, and registration fees. Original receipts will be required for taxi fares over $5.00 and tips are not allowed as a reimbursable expense. Training requests for all training or conferences. BOP signature or division exception justification when a fee is being paid. If training or conference if attended, include a copy of the agenda.
  11. Time:  Use the drop down boxes to pick the Hour, Minutes and AM or PM for this portion of the trip. If you returned from the trip on the same day enter the Hour, Minutes and AM or PM at this time, if not skip to the next portion.
  12. Auto Miles:  If you drove your own personal car, enter the number of miles. Acceptable mileage between towns can be found in the Auditor's handbook. This box can be skipped if this trip was by state car or by airplane.
  13. Calculate:  Click on the Calculate button to have the transportation costs(mileage) & the meals calculated.
  14. Transportation Cost:   Will automatically be calculated for you based on how you filled out the Set Trip Options completed earlier. If it is not listed correctly go back into Step 8.
  15. Meals:  Will automatically be calculated based on the per diem amounts allowed when the Calculate button has been pressed. If you are not claiming any meals click the NC checkbox. If you are claiming only some of the meals click the OC checkbox below and the choices based on your time travel will be highlighted, check the boxes that you wish to claim for meals and then click okay. For example if a meal was already included with registration or covered some other way you would not want to claim that meal.
  16. Lodging:  Enter the amount of lodging plus tax for this portion of your trip. Reminder: We are not allowed to pay for safe rental on overnight stays. If you are not claiming any lodging click the NC checkbox.
  17. Miscellaneous Expense:  Taxi fares, work related phone call, and registration fee amounts. Original receipts will be required for taxi fares over $5.00 and tips are not allowed as a reimbursable expense.
  18. Purpose of Travel:  Brief explanation of purpose of travel.
  19. Save Data & Retrieve Data buttons: You may temporarily save your information while you are working on your Travel Voucher form by clicking the Save Data or Save Changes button located at the bottom of the form. Your information will be saved until you Electronically Sign your travel Voucher at which time any information that was saved will be erased and will no longer be available for retrieval. When you click on the Sign Electronically button you are affirming that your Travel Voucher is accurate and complete and is ready to be submitted to your supervisor. If you did save your data previously the next time you come into the travel voucher form you will need to type in your name and your id# and then go to the bottom of the form and click Retrieve Data.
  20. Preview Travel Voucher:  When the travel voucher is completed click on this button. If you get an error read the message box that pops up to see where it is indicating there is a problem. Fix the problem areas and then click on Preview Travel Voucher again. Once all errors are fixed you will get a message box informing you to not close this travel voucher until you have printed the form or have saved it as a PDF document. Then click the ok box to proceed on with the process.  A printable version of the Travel Voucher will then open up. Review it and make sure it is complete and correct!! If you need to make a change, close the Preview Travel Voucher window, make your changes on the form and click the Preview Travel Voucher button again.

    If your Travel Voucher does not have any receipts that need to be attached, you may electronically sign the form and email the PDF version to your supervisor. To electronically sign the form go the the bottom of the form and click on the Sign Electronically button. You can then click on Print Travel Voucher on the top of the page if you have receipts that need to be attached.  To open, save and print the travel voucher form as a PDF document click the Open & Save as PDF doc button.  You will be prompted to either Open or Save the document.  If you are wanting to print or email the document click Open and then click the Print button(or File/Print) or click the Email button(or File/Email) to email the document to your supervisor so they can sign off on the Travel Voucher. Once they have approved the Travel Voucher they will send it to Sharon Baysinger in Fiscal to be processed. 

    If you have receipts that need to be attached, you will need to print the Travel Voucher, sign it(if you did not previously click on the sign electronically button), staple the receipts to the voucher and give it to your supervisor for their approval. Once they have approved the Travel Voucher they will send it to Sharon Baysinger at Fiscal.