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Health and Safety: Get Street Smart

A Crime Safety Fact Card

Dear South Dakotan:

When it comes to preventing crime, common sense is your best weapon.

Don't let a criminal catch you off-guard. Get street-smart. Be prepared. Have a plan.

Follow these basic, police-approved tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

If you do become a crime victim, remember that you have important rights.

Get Street Smart

Don't be fooled by appearances. Treat every stranger as just that -- a stranger.

There's strength in numbers. Walk with a friend, especially at night or when using a cash machine.

Phone Ahead. Tell a friend where you're going and promise to phone when you've arrived safely.

Carry "throw-away" cash. A larger bill wrapped around singles can be thrown to distract a mugger -- while you run away.

Never get into an attacker's car. Kick, scream, whatever it takes, but never get into a car.

Make a scene. Don't be afraid to draw attention to yourself if you're threatened.

Call the Police. Always report crimes and cooperate with the police to help nab your attacker.



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