New Site Selection

Buffer distance:   10000 meters

Search Sites


Layer List


Maneuvering Map


  • click and drag mouse
  • use arrow keys
  • [shift] + double click to re-center


  • mouse scroll forward and backward
  • [+] [-] keys
  • [shift] + click and drag mouse (zoom in to selected area)
  • [shift] + [ctrl] + click and drag mouse (zoom out to selected area)
  • double click (zoom in and center)


  • select layers to view from list
  • select basemap


  • select surveyed sites to identify and view information


  • select any point to view coordinates


  • Area: select 3 or more points to form an area for measurement
  • Distance: select 2 or more points for distance
  • Location:
  • Double click to finish measurement on any of these tools

Select By

Select surveyed sites to view as a list in frame on right side of your screen.

  • Select by Polygon: select 3 or more points to form a shape, any sites within the shape will be listed
  • Select by Buffer: select a location, any sites within the preferred radius will be listed
  • Select by Attributes: complete a search for sites using the form provided
  • Double click to finish selection on any of these tools

If you have any questions, please call (605) 773-3458 or email