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DANR's Product Registration Database and Information  
  Pesticide Team Contact
  Individual Pesticide Contact & Information
  Kristia Thomas:
Handles: Pesticide Products
  Katie Henglefelt:
  Handles: Pesticide Product Renewals
Animal Remedy
  Kylie Good:
  Handles: Animal Remedies
Soil Amendment
  Chad Kiel:
  Handles: Soil Amendments
DANR's Animal Feed and Fertilizer Database and Information
  To login and submit Feed and Fertilizer licensing and tonnage visit our Commercial Feed and Fertilizer website at:
Animal Remedy
  Kylie Good:
  Handles: Animal Feed
Fertilizer Product Information
  Chad Kiel:
  Handles: Fertilizer Products
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  Pesticide Product Registration
  Pesticide  FAQs and South Dakota Labeling Guidance PDF
  Animal Feed & Remedy Program
  Commercial Feed & Fertilizer Licensing
  Fertilizer & Soil Amendments
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